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The Young Adult Fellowship of Saint Steven's Cathedral provides regular educational and fellowship opportunities for young adults.  Regular fellowship gatherings are held at the Cathedral as scheduled.    The annual Lenten Retreat, "Hollywood Bowl Outing" and "Young Adult Picnic" are examples of the events sponsored by the Fellowship. 

The young adults embraced the feast day of Saint Nicholai (Velimirovic) as their patron for many reasons. Saint Nicholai, while serving the Church both in the United States and elsewhere, always took an interest in the education of families and young adults. Also, he was one of the bishops who consecrated Saint Steven's Cathedral church in October, 1952. For these and other reasons, this feast day was selected to be the slava observance for our young adult fellowship.



Cathedral Tutors & Greeters 
Integration of the young adults into the life of the Cathedral includes regular participation as tutors and greeters on at least the first Sunday of the month. These duties entail preparing the Cathedral for services, offering a warm greeting, selling candles, distributing bulletins and ushering congregants.

"Adopt-a-Meal” at Pasadena Mission 
This commitment is to prepare a full dinner for the Mission's homeless and staff volunteers on the fourth Monday of each month. Sanja solicits the monthly coordinators who pick their own crew of three. The process is so simple and organized that past crews have included school children! Our young adults have provided this ongoing community outreach for over five years!


Lenten Retreat 
Scheduled on the second or third weekend of Great Lent, the retreat has been described in the following ways by some of the regular attendees: “It's the way I charge my spiritual battery;” “It's perfect because it makes me stop everything else in my life and actually leave town for a weekend, so I really focus on what we talk about and the people there with me;” “It's more meaningful to me during Lent because it helps me prepare for Easter.”

Patronal Feast Day-Slava Observance 
In observance of St. Nikolai's feast day, May 3, the young adults gather for the blessing, turning and distributing of the Kolach just before the lunch they prepare is served in the social hall.

Saint Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
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Saint Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
1621 West Garvey Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91803