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On June 20, 2001, the Board of Trustees of Saint Steven's Cathedral agreed to the completing of improvements,  the cataloguing of the cathedral library and to dedicate it as the Very Reverend Vladimir M. Mrvichin Library. Vladimir M. Mrvichin—Protopresbyter, Cross Bearer, Dean Emeritus—was the founding priest of Saint Steven's Cathedral and served as the spiritual leader of our church community for 36 years until his retirement in 1983.  His devoted commitment to his ministry, to the Serbian Orthodox people, and to academics continues to leave its mark since his passing in 1987. Over the past number of years, the Mrvichin family has entrusted Proto Vlado's entire collection of approximately 400 books to the cathedral. These books are written both in English and Cyrillic.  The collection includes one of three copies of the Psalter with Commentary, written in Church Slavonic and printed by Vitsentii Vukovich, Venice, 1546.  It is the only known copy in the United States of America, and it is our understanding that the other two copies are in England and Russia.

On October 6, 2002 the cathedral dedicated the church Museum.  Inclusive in the collection of great importance is a triptych, or three-part icon. This special piece was given to the cathedral by the saintly Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich on October 5, 1952 as a Consecration gift to the church. This icon depicts Christ the Lord, The Theotokos, and St. Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia.  Also included in the collection is an icon of Saint Mary of Egypt, Circa 1869.

King Steven's ring is among the most precious articles in the cathedral's Museum. It is a replica of the royal ring worn by Saint Steven, the First Crowned King of Serbia. The original, made of gold and ornamented with granules and plait work along the edge, is wrapped in a cloth in the reliquary located in the Studenica Monastery in Serbia. This is the only existing replica of the ring.

Saint Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
1621 West Garvey Avenue
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Saint Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
1621 West Garvey Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91803