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Parish Membership

Members of the Orthodox Church are encouraged to become active members of Saint Steven’s Congregation. Such members of the congregation regularly participate in the life and work of the parish and offer ongoing support to the parish ministries through the practice of good stewardship of their time, talents and treasure.

Senior Citizens Fellowship

Our Senior Citizen's Club keeps very active, meeting once a month for fellowship and lunch. They also regularly organize and sponsor field trips open to their membership as well as other parishioners.

Young Adult Fellowship

This group of young adults ages 18-40, are a vibrant, active force in our Cathedral community. Monthly meetings are held at the Cathedral and in private homes. These gatherings feature time for socializ­ing, study of scripture and opportunities to discuss major issues of faith with Orthodox Christians of the same approximate age and life experience. The group is also committed to regular acts of philanthropy and organizes the parish’s monthly dinner for the homeless.

College Age Ministry

Keeping ties with college age young adults is among the most challenging, yet rewarding ministries of Saint Steven’s Cathedral parish. The competition for their attention is fierce and too often peer pressure is attractive. This ministry keeps communication lines open and continuous, so that these young adults know that their parish does not forget them and that they are an integral part of the Church community.

Board of Trustees

The Cathedral Board of Trustees is entrusted with the management, use, upkeep, repair, extension and remodeling of all church properties. They also oversee the work of parish employees, making decisions which represent the overall interests of the church, assist the clergy in creating new programs and ministries for the faithful, and complete a host of other important duties.

Executive Board

Members of this elected body serve for the term of one year and are responsible for the daily workings of our Cathedral. Executive Board members, like trustees, must be examples to all parishioners by exhibiting model Christian behavior, respect for one another and the community, and always work with our priests to build community and understanding in our parish.

Women’s Auxiliary

The Women’s Auxiliary provides fellowship for the women of Saint Steven’s. They organize the regular Sunday luncheons and feast day banquets, and always financially support the ministries of the Church.

Stewardship and Gift Giving

This invaluable committee works to spread the word about the need for stewardship, the many ways to give, and the joy of supporting our parish. Yearly programs include the annual stewardship luncheon and outreach programs.

Project Compassion—Ministry to the elderly

We do not want our elderly parishioners to be forgotten. Project Compassion is a phone outreach ministry particularly to those who are seniors who no longer drive and are unable to come in contact with their friends and church family. The calling assignments are done at home, at the volunteer's convenience.

Marriage and Family enrichment

Our program for engaged and newly married couples is dedicated to growing in the Orthodox faith and particularly in the Sacrament of Marriage. Marriage enrichment classes offer insite into the biblical teaching on marriage as a Sacrament. The annual newlyweds dinner offers a time for sharing wedding and marriage experiences as well as develop closer Cathedral friendships through fellowship.

Property Building and Grounds Care

This team of volunteers is responsible for the continued maintenance and repair of church property. They make regular inspections of parish properties and make recommendations to the board of any needed repairs or improvements.

Internet Ministry

The Cathedral Internet Ministry provides a valuable service to the parish by maintaining its web site, providing weekly spiritual messages, responding to e-mail requests and communicating news and events taking place at the Cathedral to the e-addresses on the parish mailing list.

Audio and Radio Ministry

Our audio and radio ministry is responsible for the set-up and operation of all the audio equipment needed for worship services and social functions. It also plans recordings of services, sermons and events as an outreach tool. Additionally, it keeps parishioners informed of Orthodox Radio programs available in the Los Angeles area as well as on the internet.

Immigrant needs

This team of volunteers helps new immigrants bridge any language barriers, introduces them to the church community and assists them in assimilating to their new homeland.

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Saint Steven's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
1621 West Garvey Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91803