All Aboard the Ark! 2017 Vacation Church School: July 31-August 3

The latest edition of St. Steven's Cathedral Vacation Church School set sail with the theme of “All Aboard the Ark & Safe Amidst the Storms: How to Let the Son Shine in During the Storms of Life.” The four-day presentation included class discussion on the story of Noah and the ark, other ways God uses His creation to help teach His people, including with Saint Elijah whose feast was celebrated with liturgy, and how Christ's Church is the “ark” that offers safe haven for His followers from all the storms and troubles in life. A water balloon toss, arts & crafts, and music class helped to round out a full schedule that also included breakfast and lunch each day. A special field trip to the Los Angeles zoo helped the students' imaginations when they were back on the ark of the Church in Alhambra! On the final day, they performed two songs for the Senior Citizen's Club, joined them for a festive lunch, then presented them animal-shaped cookies they prepared the previous day. After a group photo to help remember thisspecial shared luncheon, the school kids and staff headed to the playground for fun on the water slide, ice cream sandwiches, and a watermelon-eating contest, bringing Vacation School to a close and getting us closer to the upcoming Sunday school year! We express our gratitude to the students and parents for their active participation in the program. We also extend special thanks to our VCS director, Jonny Braun as well as to all those wh o volunteered their time during the week to make this VCS an awesome experience for our youth!